Time Efficiency

How Efficiency Can Be Your Most Valuable Asset

For marketing agencies, time is money. The more time an agency spends on a particular client, the less time their team has to spend on other avenues like new client outreach or marketing for new business. Utilizing a service like bant.io can mean an opportunity to streamline marketing efforts while still providing valuable services to clients. And saving time means there is a possibility to take on even more new business. Here are just a few ways to optimize your time-saving strategy and get the most out of your campaigns.

Understand your clients

The first step to creating an efficient atmosphere is understanding the kinds of customers that you’re looking to acquire, or knowing the overall goals for existing clients. An agency’s job is to be client-focused and have a well-rounded knowledge of the ins and outs of what each client does, how they do it and how they make their profits. The same goes for prospective clients. Knowing who you’re hoping to target before turning on a campaign is a huge component of successful outreach and marketing. Put together a customer persona before starting a new marketing effort to help save valuable time.

Test your campaigns

Language is a powerful tool! This holds especially true in outreach campaigns, when you’ll be crafting messages – either via email or another platform – to reach someone you’ve never spoken to before, whether on behalf of your agency or your client’s business. As such, it’s critical that you test and optimize the messaging that you’re using in these campaigns. Send out only a handful of emails to start or A/B test different language to see what performs better with prospective clients. Be sure to also have someone proofread the messages for grammar and spelling because avoiding mistakes on the front end will save you time correcting them in the long run.

Manage traffic

Whether you’re pulling in web traffic from PPC ads, social media outreach or content marketing, being able to effectively manage and track each source will save important time when deciding what marketing avenues work and don’t work. Being able to turn off under-performing campaigns will also help maximize ROI and provide opportunities to better optimize areas that are proving to be effective.

Manage Lead Traffic

We can help

Bant.io is a great resource for agencies who are looking to both streamline their marketing efforts for existing clients and grow their new client base. With modules in PPC, email, social outreach and more, using one comprehensive tool to provide hot leads to clients can be an effective, time-saving asset. We use our history of success and proven, data-focused experiments to optimize and perfect campaigns for a wide range of customers. Our white-glove marketing service means that clients can expect ad conversions within just a few days of launching their campaigns.

Our success stories

With years of experience comes years of success stories. For one large e-commerce tool provider, we were able to grow their business by 15 percent year-over-year by introducing the client to a bigger pool of prospects, helping turn those leads into conversations and the conversations into conversions. We also facilitated an email campaign on their behalf, which resulted in thousands of new B2B clients, with a 50 percent open rate and 38 percent conversion rate.

In the biotechnology industry, bant.io helped another company spread their message through email marketing. Reaching over 3,600 prospects through these emails, the client received over 50 hot leads in the biotech field to attend a conference.

In conclusion

Time is a finite resource. There’s only so much of it in one day, and only so much of it that an agency can spend working on one client’s campaigns. Ensure that you’re making the most of your time and treating it with respect by going into marketing endeavors with the confidence that you know who you’re targeting, why and how to get them to convert. This will help give your business more time to succeed and more time to grow.