How Relevant Are Infographics in 2019?


07 May How Relevant Are Infographics in 2019?

    Infographics are like gold dust to marketers, especially if they’re able to create an infographic that touches on a popular topic or tells a story. The advantages to using them are myriad, and it’s not just because they’re a great way to get people talking about you on blogs and social networking sites. They can also position you as a reliable and trustworthy thought leader in whatever industry you’re in.

    The statistics don’t lie: People remember 80% of what they see and do but only 20% of what they read, and infographics are over thirty times more likely to be read than a purely text-based article. Visual imagery is also more likely to be trusted than purely textual content.

    Part of the reason why infographics are so powerful is that they give people a reason to link back to your website. Many marketers choose to provide a short snippet of code alongside any infographics they create so that people can embed the infographic on their own sites, but with a link back to the source. These inbound links can help to improve search engine rankings and also to drive referral traffic.




    Visual Content

    Visual content has historically been a good way to cut through the noise of social networking sites and the crowded blogosphere, and infographics have always been an important part of that. But while other types of content rise and fall in popularity, infographics have remained pretty steady throughout the years.

    With that said, infographics should be used as part of a wider visual marketing campaign. That should include everything from Instagram updates to YouTube videos and more. Infographics will play an important role, though, especially if you’re carrying out original research or if you have a decent amount of data.

    Remember too that it’s not good enough to create an infographic for the sake of creating an infographic. You need to have something interesting to depict, and the best infographics go above and beyond just sharing information by telling a story. You’re better off spending your time getting one infographic just right than you are trying to create a dozen sub-par infographics.





    Ultimately, infographics are just as relevant in 2019 as they have been throughout the last ten years, and in fact they’re ripe for disruption. We shouldn’t be surprised to see more interactive infographics popping up in the near future or even video-based infographics that take an already visual content and animate it. As long as infographics are an efficient way to communicate information, they’ll continue to be popular.

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Dane Cobain

Dane is a published author and freelance writer, editor and social media marketer. He has been featured in multiple major news outlets including The Guardian, The Metro and BBC online and radio.