How to Use Video for B2B Lead Generation

16 Feb How to Use Video for B2B Lead Generation

As video content continues to account for a larger and larger part of all content consumed online (and especially via mobile devices), it’s also appearing on the radar screens of B2B marketers who are eager to use it for online lead generation. But how exactly do you go about generating a lead out of someone watching a video? Here are four easy ways to use video for B2B lead generation:

Idea #1: Explainer videos

The easiest way to use video effectively is to create explainer videos that outline in a step-by-step manner how to solve certain problems that occur in everyday business. For software companies, that might mean a brief explainer video of how to use their software to accomplish a certain end goal. The idea here is that people watching the video will be so impressed with your expertise that they will click on over to your website to see what else you can offer.

Platform of choice: YouTube

Idea #2: Conversations and hangouts with customers

Thanks to the popularity of online conferencing tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts and (now) Amazon Chime, it’s easy to see how this approach could work as a very effective lead generation tool. Using this approach, a company would pull together a few subject matter experts (preferably people from within the company) and have them conduct a conversation among themselves. Customers or prospects would then be able to join in and ask questions that they might have.

Platform of choice: Google Hangouts

Idea #3: Live interviews with thought leaders

When it comes to live video, there are plenty of options out there, but the most popular are probably Facebook Live and Periscope. Using either of these options, you have the opportunity to conduct live interviews with thought leaders at the company and have this broadcast to the world (literally). For example, you might conduct an interview with the CEO, or the chief product manager, or the head product designer — just about anyone who can offer more insights into your business and how it works.

Platform of choice: Facebook Live

Idea #4: Behind-the-scenes videos about your company

Finally, you have the option of using platforms like Instagram or Snapchat to create “Stories” about the “day in the life” of your company. These Stories are useful primarily if you already have a large base of supporters on, say, Instagram. That’s because, in order to view the Stories, you already have to be a follower. But this can be a very useful branding tool to help tell the “why” and not just the “what” of your company. You can help bring the culture or the mission of your company to life.

Platform of choice: Instagram Stories


In 2017, look for video to continue to evolve as a B2B marketing tool. We’ve come a long way since companies thought of video content in terms of webinars and scripted advertising. A lot of the web today is about content that is real, authentic and raw. And there’s nothing more raw and authentic than filming yourself live with a mobile phone.

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Dominic Basulto

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