Publishing Books for Marketing and Personal Branding


13 Jun Publishing Books for Marketing and Personal Branding

These days, thanks to the self-publishing revolution and the rise of the internet, it’s easier than ever before for people to publish a book to promote their personal brand. As if that wasn’t enough, freelancers and the gig economy have also helped to change the game, making it possible for anyone who wants to release a book to hire cover designers, editors and layout specialists, as well as ghost writers if they don’t think they’re up to the task themselves.

But is publishing a book a good idea? Well, that really depends upon your reasons for it. The first thing to note is that most people drastically underestimate how much time, money and effort has to go into creating a book, and unless you’re lucky enough to have written one of the few books that goes on to be a bestseller, it’s unlikely that you’ll make your money back.

On top of that, many people look at books as marketing tools and forget that they need to market the book if they want people to read it in the first place. In an era in which our attention is being dragged every which way, it’s difficult for people to dedicate the time that’s required to finish reading a book from cover to cover.




The good news

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to publishing a book to promote your personal brand. In fact, done well, it can have a huge positive impact by leading to speaking opportunities and press coverage and positioning you as an expert in your industry. If you’re a freelancer or a consultant, it can allow you to increase your rates, helping you to make more money in an indirect way and potentially paying for itself.

Then there’s the feeling of accomplishment that you get, and the sense of reward that comes from knowing that you’ve shared your thoughts with the world. Writing a book can also help you to share the lessons that you’ve learned throughout your career to stop others from making the same mistakes.

The decision to write a book is a big commitment, and it’s not one to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re determined to get it just right, but it’s also an asset that will continue to pay dividends in the months and years to come. You just need to stick with it and see the project through to the end.





Writing a book isn’t for everyone, and there’s always the risk that if it isn’t a “good” book, it’ll do more harm than good. The risks are worth taking, but they also need some serious thought before you just dive right in. But if your CEO or your senior executives are brave enough and willing enough to give it a go, the results can speak for themselves. Good luck.

Dane Cobain

Dane is a published author and freelance writer, editor and social media marketer. He has been featured in multiple major news outlets including The Guardian, The Metro and BBC online and radio.