Learn How to Use Our Free Email Finder Tool and Connect with Decision Makers in Seconds

Finding someone’s email address is the first step in the email outreach process.

But how do you dig up the email addresses for the associates you’re trying to reach?

You can spend hours digging through thousands of LinkedIn profiles or hundreds of dollars purchasing sketchy lists from third-party vendors. Or you can use our free Email Finder tool! 

Just input any domain or company name and we’ll pull as many email addresses registered to that domain that we can. No Chrome extension, no credit card needed. Completely free. 

We’ve even updated this tool recently to be even more powerful and provide even more information on your prospects.

The Email Finder tool and tutorial video

In this video, Colin, our bant.io Automation Expert, walks you through how building your prospect list is the most important piece of the outreach puzzle, and how to use our free tool to get your email campaigns on the right track!