5 Digital Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

Getting inspiration from other marketing professionals is common practice. Reading about campaign examples and having genuine conversations regarding performance, best ad taglines and eye-catching visuals is a great way to generate new ideas for your own campaigns and advertising. Plus, it’s always important to stay on top of trends and data to ensure that your marketing goals aren’t lagging behind with competitors.

Here are just a few blogs that everyone in marketing should keep an eye for valuable marketing information and insight.

1. The Moz Blog

Moz might be better known for SEO guidelines, offering a range of products centered around keyword research, link building, page optimization and more. The Moz Blog, however, is a gold mine for marketers in general. The blog features expert advice, plenty of research and even how-to articles on everything from blogging to design to social media. 

Besides being a great resource for marketing topics, the blog also features some highly regarded authors. Some aren’t even employees of Moz, but are able to contribute their expert advice to the ongoing list of helpful articles.

2. Marketing Land

What sets Marketing Land apart from other blogs is that they offer much more than just blog posts and articles. On the Marketing Land page, you’ll find webinars, white papers, long-form research and even virtual events that you can attend to keep your marketing skills in tip-top shape. 

The authors on Marketing Land certainly have their work cut out for them! These writers cover topics that aren’t generally focused on in other blogs, including marketing automation, reviews of specific platforms (a recent review of content marketing behemoth, Taboola, discusses a unique partnership and extensive insight to their technology), reports on niche trends and crazes (TikTok, anyone?) and much, much more.

3. HubSpot

Despite being well-known for their full CRM platform, HubSpot also regularly produces quality marketing content. Their blog is a bit more well-rounded and not focused to one specific topic or another. The content is written for the average reader and includes plenty of DIY articles to help guide a business owner looking to get some new eyes on their company.

HubSpot also does a wonderful job of providing free resources to those just getting their feet wet in marketing. With articles like 11 Social Media Calendars, Tools and Templates to Plan Your Content, they really focus on making marketing fool-proof, even for beginners.

4. Social Media Examiner 

Don’t be fooled by the slightly kitschy theme of Social Media Examiner. This content powerhouse is considered the top contender for articles related to all things social media. Blogs cover all platforms – YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – You name it, they’ve written a blog about it. With a podcast, talkshow and (now virtual) annual event, Social Media Examiner has taken social media marketing to the next level, dissected it and turned it inside out for the rest of the world to understand.

Some of their latest blog content includes articles about new features on Instagram, how to get leads from YouTube and whether TikTok is worth it for businesses to pursue. Their email list is also top-notch for social media marketers and makes it incredibly easy to stay up-to-date with each published piece.

5. Think With Google

Although not an official Google blog, Think With Google features insights and best practices on how to deal with the search engine, running ads, optimizing business listings and more. While the focus is generally on data and how to form new campaigns around existing information, Think With Google also does a great job at covering more people-focused topics. Their latest collection of blogs, Building More Inclusive and Diverse Corporate Cultures, features content that underscores the importance of inclusion and discusses ways the marketing industry can do better to deliver stronger and more meaningful outcomes.