6 Reasons Lead Gen Should be a Top Priority for Marketing Agencies

It’s perfectly normal for a marketing agency to apply different tactics and strategies to each different client. In fact, that’s preferred for most clients as each business can vary greatly from one to the next. The end goal, however, of increasing ROI and being able to feed the top of the client sales funnel, is generally the same for most client. 

For an agency, the effort to deliver quality leads is a great way to show that your marketing efforts are tangible and can be measured. Here are just a few more reasons lead gen tactics are a must for any comprehensive marketing strategy.

1. Lead gen helps achieve the main goal of more qualified business for the client

The main reason to incorporate lead gen strategies is to increase the number of real buyers to your client’s sales funnel. Using marketing automation tools, your team can spend a fraction of the time targeting qualified leads in a specific audience with demographics, job title and other filters to help narrow down the perfect customer profile.

This is essentially how your agency can provide value to your clients. Boosting sales and increasing ROI is the preferred way to drive results, and allows the client to focus their time on other priorities within the company.

2. Access to a team of experts

Most conventional marketing companies do not have specialized employees for lead gen. Each employee is doing their best to understand and work through their assigned facet of the marketing strategy, which can include copywriting, social media, SEO, graphic design and more.

The best lead generation programs will give the agency access to a team of experts to help support your internal team and make the communication between agency and client seamless. The addition of this team adds an extra level to your marketing program and is totally achievable without hiring additional employees. 

3. Reduces cold calling and cold emailing for the client

According to a recent study, only 2 percent of cold calls actually lead to a successful appointment with the prospects, which makes it a really ineffective use of time for your client’s sales team. By outsourcing their lead gen process to your agency, they’ll be able to spend less time making cold calls and sending cold emails and more time talking to prospects who are actually ready to make a purchase.

4. Shortens your client’s sales cycle

When a client has a steady stream of qualified leads, identifying those who are most likely to convert becomes a much easier process. Rather than feeding the top of the funnel by reaching out to those who may not even be ready to purchase, serving up warm leads helps shorten the process through conversion for the sales team. This also frees up time to process a higher volume of warm leads!

5. Increases your clients’ brand awareness

Using tactics like pay-per-click ads and retargeting ads, your clients are able to be in the forefront of a potential customers’ mind across the web. This will help increase brand awareness and recognition, even for targeted audiences who may not quite be ready to become a solid lead.

6. Hot leads make your clients happy

The best lead generation tactics can generate up to 50 percent more sales-ready leads than traditional marketing strategies, but can lower the cost per acquisition by up to 33 percent. Essentially, making lead gen a priority is what every client wants: Increased conversions at a lower cost per conversion.

Final thoughts

Growing a marketing agency is not an easy feat and depends on the satisfaction that you’re able to bring to your clients. Incorporating lead generation into your marketing campaigns can help drive qualified business their way and improve ROI across the board.