Sales and Lead Generation

Richard Branson

12 Jul B2B Lessons from Virgin and Ellevest

As B2B marketers, it’s important for us to keep an eye on the competition. Unfortunately, in the days of social networking and user-generated content, we have to compete with B2B brands and even with other consumers if we want to earn people’s attention. Fortunately, the principles...

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10 Jul Two B2B Thought Leaders Who Rock LinkedIn

LinkedIn has huge potential for B2B marketers because it’s often the only place you can get your message in front of decision-makers while they’re in ‘business’ mode. It’s harder to reach them on sites like Facebook and Twitter because they typically use those networks for...

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06 Jul How to Be a Better B2B Marketer

B2B marketing is a crowded field, and it often feels like a thankless task. After all, most CEOs want everything now, but B2B marketing takes time. You typically have to guide prospects slowly through the acquisition process before handing them over to sales, and the...

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B2B Branding

06 Jul B2B Branding Lessons from the Pros

Branding has never been more important, and B2B marketers in particular are perfectly placed to take advantage of it. In the competitive B2B marketplace, your company’s perception is equally as important as your ability to get the work done, if not more so. After all,...

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20 May How To Supercharge Your B2B Sales Efforts

Several important new trends – personalization, predictive analytics and social selling – could open up new opportunities for organizations to boost B2B sales. Here’s a brief look at how each of these trends could help to supercharge your B2B sales efforts. Personalize the sales pitch The days...

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