Sales and Lead Generation

14 Apr How to Use Instagram in B2B Mobile Marketing

When it comes to social media, the clear favorites for B2B marketers are Facebook and LinkedIn. But there’s one rapidly growing social platform that may turn out to be more effective than either of these, and that’s Instagram. That’s because the web is inherently a...

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08 Apr B2B Buzzword Alert: Chatbots

For B2C marketers, one of the most promising trends of the past 12 months has been the emergence of the chatbot. And now these chatbots may be making their way to the B2B marketing world. They offer a way for brands and companies to have...

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01 Apr Using B2B Social Selling to Convert Leads

If your company is using social media as a marketing platform, then you need to be strategic in how you approach social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. It’s not enough just to generate content on an ad hoc basis - you need to...

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