Sales and Lead Generation

21 Jul Why mobile has to be part of your B2B marketing mix

Most B2B marketers continue to assume that mobile is primarily a consumer phenomenon. But here’s the reality: mobile is starting to influence absolutely every stage of the B2B purchasing decision, and that means marketers can no longer ignore mobile. Consider just some of the evidence. 27...

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10 Jul The Only B2B Lead Generation Strategy You Need to Know

When it comes to generating the highest number of high-quality B2B leads, the single best lead generation strategy is simpler than you might think: provide high-quality answers to questions that your potential prospects might have. Think about all the questions that your prospects, clients and colleagues...

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09 Jul The Importance of Buyer Personas for B2B Marketers

The conventional wisdom is that the worlds of B2B marketing and B2C marketing are vastly different. B2C marketing is all about splashy entertainment, consumer awareness and brand building, while B2B marketing is much more about straightforward product information and addressing specific business needs. Right? While that...

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