Sales and Lead Generation

05 Jul 3 Tips for Generating High-Quality B2B Leads

Having a constant flow of high-quality leads is the goal of any B2B marketer. The only problem is, getting those high-quality leads is harder than it sounds. According to a B2B lead generation trends report by IDG, 61 percent of marketers report that generating high-quality...

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05 Jul What Kind of B2B Sales Rep Are You?

There’s a tendency to think of B2B sales reps as all being relatively the same. In a best-case scenario, of course, you have a team full of sales superheroes. However, based on a fascinating study of more than 6,000 B2B sales representatives around the world...

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29 Jun 3 Big Ways B2B Marketers Are Using Big Data

In mid-June, the 2016 State of B2B Marketing Data Management Report outlined the latest trends in how B2B marketers are using data. If you thought marketers were just using data to qualify leads, you’d be wrong. The two primary uses of data are (1) campaign targeting...

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