Sales and Lead Generation

19 Apr Is B2B the Next Frontier for Your Company?

You don’t have to be a dedicated B2B company or have a dedicated B2B sales team in order to sell to other businesses. Many B2C companies are seeing the potential in this industry and are diversifying. According to the latest available statistics, B2B online sales...

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18 Apr How to win at B2B negotiations

All those who work in the business to business trading world will have encountered the need to be highly skilled in negotiations. If you have any flaw in the strategy you follow you may end up in overpaying, or alternatively undercharging for your services. This...

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14 Apr What B2B Sales Ninjas Do Differently

In order to maximize your success in a B2B environment, you need to think like a sales ninja. You need to be smarter, more flexible and quicker than your B2B sales colleagues. Here are three things that every B2B sales ninja does differently: 1. They don’t...

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