what is a sales chatbot

How Sales Chatbots Can Help Improve Customer ROI

If you’ve set up a solid website for your business but haven’t yet generated any interest or leads, a sales chatbot can help. By implementing a chatbot, every visitor coming to your website will get relevant information to your products and services, helping to shorten the conversion cycle and save valuable time.

A sales chatbot is a program that is designed to interact with website visitors through texts or even audio conversations. The chat box pops out on the corner of your website to alert your customers that one of your representatives is available to respond to their inquiries or assist them, should they need it. 

Here are just a few reasons why a sales chatbot can be a valuable addition to your website.

1. Personalized messages when a user comes to your site

In a brick and mortar store, you would traditionally employ a sales assistant or hostess to physically welcome walk-in customers. A chatbot theoretically does the same thing on your website or online store. Your chatbot solution should give you the opportunity to write customer welcome messages to help encourage visitors to inquire about your company, product or services.

For example, if a unique visitor – or someone who has never been to your website before – visits your homepage, you could serve them these messages:

  • “Thank you for visiting our website. I am here for you should you need any help.”
  • “Hey there. Welcome on our site, let me know how I can be of help to you.”

Or for repeat visitors, who have already spent some time on your website, you could pop-up with one of these messages:

  • “Welcome back on our site. Do you have a moment to chat with us?”
  • “It’s great to see you again! Have you seen our new products? Check them out by clicking here.”

Both new and existing clients want to be appreciated for visiting your website and spending time with your company. Customizing your chatbot message is a great way to acknowledge them automatically and make them feel like you’re available.

AI Chatbots improve user experience

2. Chatbots will easily answer common questions

How many times have you been to a website and had a question, but didn’t want to wait 2-3 business days for an official email response? If you’re still using a stuffy contact form to filter inquiries, you could be losing customers and sales.

To retain your customers and convert them efficiently, create a rapport by offering them the opportunity to engage with you automatically via chatbot. You can pre-set your chatbot features to automatically respond with a pre-written response to common questions

It takes a lot less time setting up your FAQs with a chatbot than it does having a human on-hand to answer every inquiry manually.

3. Offers real-time lead management

Even though you are likely to employ a sales team to respond to your customers, they are humans and deserve a rest. It’s also likely that some of your prospective clients could be visiting your website after your team has left for the day. Ultimately, it’s unrealistic to expect your sales team to be available all the time.

With our sales chatterbot is the best real-time lead management tool. It will engage potential clients anytime they visit your website.

4. Better Quality Data Gathering for Sales Team

The performance of your sales team will depend on the quality of the data that they receive. Physical collection and organization of sales data can be a time-consuming process and likely to have errors. It can lead to wrong decision making, which can negatively affect your company. 

We relieve your sales team from these hassles by offering you a sales chatterbot integrated with your CRM system. It ensures that your sales team receives credible data, which will help you in making a rational decision.

You can also utilize our chatbot by allowing it to access contact information such as emails for those customers who have purchased from your business. Use the chatterbot to draft feedback questions regarding the experience your customers get from using your products. Negative feedback will help you improve your products and services and post positive reviews on your reviews section.

Final Thoughts

Today, websites have become an integral part of most organizations looking to get an edge over their competitors. Even so, your website does not have to be a boring site. Invest in our sales chatbot to start conversations with your prospects and increase your sales.