how to scale your marketing agency

How to Scale Your Marketing Agency with 10 Tricks

The importance of continual growth

It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s important that businesses strive for continuous growth. Remaining stagnant doesn’t work when there are countless other businesses for consumers to consider. If any competitors intend to grow (and they do), other businesses that don’t have this same mindset will fall behind.

A business that’s performing well and makes consistent, satisfactory revenue might be tempted to let the brand do the work from then on. That’s not how it works and the numbers will start to drop. Growth, or at least projects in place that are intending to reach growth, is essential to remain top-of-mind and relevant to consumers. Find out how to scale your marketing agency to reach new heights.

Signs it’s time to scale

High-quality leads

If a business is starting to generate really high-quality leads, there are a few things performing well. High-quality leads mean businesses are likely earning more and have the ability to upsell or retain profitable customers. More money means more resources to bring in additional revenue.

Lots of clients

A high number of clients, or maybe even too many clients to manage, means expanding the business with more customer-friendly services and more employees to manage them. Lead generation for digital marketing agencies is a huge asset in attracting new leads and managing the leads piling up in the database.

Stable earnings

When a business has reached a point where its revenue is reliable, that’s a sign it might start to become stagnant which precedes a drop in numbers. Use the stable earnings to implement a new campaign or open a new location (whatever applies) and get a step higher in the industry.

New opportunities available

If new opportunities have become available or there are some that the business wants to pursue, do it. New opportunities mean older opportunities are likely drying up and, given the ever-changing world of technology, it pays to be adaptable. Use a lead generation marketing agency to get to work on new projects and ensure high-quality leads come in to support them.

Time and freedom

If time and freedom have recently become available, that means the business is doing well and there are resources to take on a new project to scale the business. If time and freedom are something that is sought after, work with a lead generation marketing agency to increase profitability to attain that.

Impact needs to increase

The last sign of a business that needs to scale is the need or want to increase its impact. If the impact of a business is waning, or there’s the capacity to improve it, that means it’s time to reach new audiences and work on branding to compete as a relevant and enjoyable experience.

How to scale your marketing agency in 10 ways

1. Attract and retain leads

The key is to retain leads once they’ve been attracted to the brand. To attract high-quality leads, use buyer personas and ideal customer profiles (ICPs) to target the most promising prospects. This is simplified by using a lead generation marketing agency. To retain them, optimize the customer experience to produce happy customers that can go on to recommend the brand to others.

2. Increase fees

If there’s a solid customer base with a mix of long-term and high-quality customers, slowly increase fees and offer other paid services, such as subscriptions or memberships. People who enjoy and find solutions with a product or service are more likely to pay higher prices to stick with it.

3. Use technology

Take advantage of the technology that exists to implement automation and optimization. Lower budgets might not have been able to do this, but if the business is ready to scale, implementing technology that can take on tedious, repetitive tasks will allow for more time for personalization and communication with customers.

4. Partner with other businesses

Partnering with other like-minded companies allows both sides to benefit by sharing content, providing links to other reputable websites, and promoting each other’s products.

5. Develop a niche and unique value proposition (UVP)

Targeting a niche is more likely to generate high-quality leads than targeting everyone where the content isn’t relevant to anyone. Specific content targeted at a unique audience performs better. Ensure there is also a strong UVP to differentiate the brand from others and offers leads something valuable to hold onto.

6. Improve the client onboarding process

The onboarding process is one of the first things a customer experiences once they’ve converted from a lead. If the onboarding process isn’t enjoyable, the lead is less likely to be retained. An optimized onboarding process not only makes the work smoother, it maintains satisfied customers.

7. Outsource

To spend time on what matters, switch to lead generation for digital marketing agencies. While the focus can be on the customer experience, the agency can take on the responsibility of sending more leads through the pipeline.

8. Use freelancers

If the time to hire new employees hasn’t come yet, and there isn’t a guarantee of extra leads or revenue, use freelancers instead. Freelancers have the skills it takes when a job is needed for a short period of time. That means businesses won’t need to spend the money on an extra salary when there’s occasionally some extra work needed.

9. Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for everything

Once the business is flowing well, don’t rely on old methods of getting work done when there weren’t as many employees or as many customers. Create SOPs to ensure the work is done well, on time, and nothing’s missing. Start-ups often work without SOPs at first, but it soon becomes a requirement for seamless operations.

10. Use’s free tools

To make business operations easier, offers free tools: ROI calculator, ICP analysis, email finder, email template generator, email clarity checker, and sales university. It’s everything needed for lead generation for digital marketing agencies.

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