Simplicity as a Sales and Marketing Tool

When we get nostalgic, it’s usually because we’re thinking of a time when life was a lot simpler. Nowadays, our lives are so fast-paced that it seems as though while our smartphones and computers allow us to be more efficient, we have less and less actual time to get things done in. And that’s why we get nostalgic when we think about our childhoods and when we were free to spend our time playing outside or hanging around with friends.

This might sound as though it doesn’t have much to do with sales and marketing, but the truth is that everyone secretly (or not so secretly) yearns for a little more simplicity. We recently talked about how you should find out what’s keeping your target audience awake at night and try to take care of it for them, but you should also try to make their lives a little simpler.

This is particularly true when it comes to your sales and marketing team. You need to make it as simple as possible for people to opt in to receive communications or to go through the onboarding process. In fact, you need to pre-emptively figure out what people are going to want and then build that into the way that you do business. If people keep asking for an online demonstration and you don’t offer one, you’d better start doing it as quickly as possible. And you’d better make it easy for them to access the demo and to dial into the call, too.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

B2B Simplicity

B2B companies are arguably in the best place of all when it comes to taking advantage of simplicity. After all, technology is changing the way we do everything, from managing supply chains to backing up files, securing information and enabling communication. Take a look at tools like Dropbox and Slack, which have changed the game and carved out billion dollar markets.

But remember that simplicity doesn’t just come from harnessing technology, although it’s true that tech is creating unprecedented opportunities for innovation. You can create simplicity by providing a service, too. For example, if you were a finance company then you could carve out a niche by providing cheap and easy tax returns for freelancers and sole traders.

People will pay more for simplicity, especially if you’re taking something complicated and making it easier than ever before. It goes beyond just sales and marketing and becomes a brand differentiator. It allows you to increase your rates until you’re charging more than competitors and still have a constant stream of new leads coming into your business.

Sales and Marketing Alignment


This ties into what we do. Only you know what it is that your company does best, and only you are able to figure out the best way of making your clients’ lives easier. But while you concentrate on getting that right, we’ll concentrate on bringing those leads in. It’s what we do.

Struggling with sales and marketing? Don’t worry – we’re here to help you to gather the leads you need to boost your business. Request a demo of to find out how we can help your company to grow by sending hot B2B leads directly to your inbox. You won’t regret it.