90 Digital Case Study


90 Digital is a digital marketing agency with a difference. By putting search engine optimisation (SEO) at the core of its offering, they’re able to focus on what matters: using digital in a smarter, more agile way to produce work that makes a difference.

The company approached Bant.io, aiming to connect with potential customers in the UK. We responded by developing a highly personalized campaign with tailored messaging based on different segments of the target audience, including multiple different email sequences and A/B tests to ensure that the results were the best they could possibly be.

We think that the results speak for themselves, with 30 hot leads from a pool of 1,766 prospective clients. Along the way, we received a 39% open rate and a 38% response rate, and we were also able to introduce the brand to a number of lukewarm leads who could be remarketed to so that we can further prolong the campaign.


"Thanks, Bant.io! We’re happy with the leads that we received so far and we're confident that by continuing the collaboration with you in the following months we'll manage to convert some of these leads into new customers. The support we received from you was great and it definitely helped us improve our sales process. Looking forward to starting new campaigns."


Catalina Contoloru - Operations Strategist


Client: 90 Digital

90 Digital approached Bant.io to ask for help increasing their customer portfolio in the UK.

1766 prospective clients reached;
2 email sequences developed;
2 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
39% Open rate;
38% Response rate;
11% Conversions to Opportunities;
30 Hot Leads.