Arca Case Study


Arca is a global leader in cash handling solutions. They provide cash automation technologies to customers in over 50 countries and support it with world-class service from their headquarters near the Research Triangle in North Carolina.

The company reached out to to ask for help targeting various retailers. After familiarising themselves with Arca’s services, the team at developed two rich and detailed email sequences to target prospective customers.

These email sequences achieved great results in the initial campaign, generating 43 hot leads from the 2,610 prospective clients that were reached. The retargeting campaign has also generated 93 conversions following 565,898 impressions and 632 clicks


" has helped us generate dozens of leads in markets that are really difficult to penetrate. This has definitely been the most efficient and courteous lead generation company I have ever dealt with."


Taylor Narewski - Digital Marketing Manager

Client: Arca

Arca wanted to find a scalable, outbound method to develop leads while promoting their financial service for retailers.

2610 prospective clients reached;
3 email sequence campaigns developed;
5 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
49% Open Rate;
29% Response Rate;
11% Conversions to Opportunities;
43 Hot Leads.