Board Studios Case Study


Board Studios is a boutique US-based agency that specialises in witty explainer animations for start-ups and larger corporations. They offer hand-drawn whiteboard and motion graphics animations that are delivered faster and at less than half the price of competitors.

Board Studios approached to ask for help with two key challenges. The first was to partner up with PR agencies across the United States, while the second was to target marketing agencies and IT companies to help them create their own explainer videos.

With that in mind, the team created three optimized email sequences. Within the first three months, by leveraging multiple split tests, the campaign has generated 124 hot leads and the retargeting campaign recorded over 21,000 impressions with 31 clicks. Better still, the results are set to increase even more in the months to come.


"Working with is a total pleasure. They’re very professional, always polite and they get back to us quickly whenever we need them. They’ve also gone out of their way to accommodate my every request. I couldn’t ask for more from them and I look forward to continue working with them in the future."


Konstantinos Papakonstantinou - Founder

Client: Board Studios

In order to generate new customers, Board Studios wanted to try a partnership approach in the public relations sector whilst simultaneously trying to connect with targeting marketing agencies and IT companies.

3124 prospective clients reached;
3 email sequence developed;
6 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
51% Open Rate;
24% Response Rate;
30% Conversions to Opportunities;
124 Hot Leads.