Brenton Way Case Study


Brenton Way is a digital marketing agency dedicated to educating businesses in terms of marketing strategy and opportunities. They are interested in providing continuous improvement, testing, connecting and researching new ways to help their clients reach their business goals. They manage and optimize all social media channels and create quality content to match their client’s brand.

Brenton Way hired to launch email campaign that would help attract prospective customers in New York, Los Angeles, Texas and Chicago. We began by targeting 4 major cities in the US.

During the initial email campaign, we were able to reach out to 2346 prospective clients in total, resulting into 71 Hot leads and plenty of fruitful conversations with ideal customers.


"After the success of the first email campaign, we have decided we have to keep going with I can totally see the progress and value has brought to Brenton Way."


Jonathan Saeidian, Director of Business Development at Brenton Way

Client: Brenton Way

Brenton Way wanted to target more prospects in 4 major US cities, namely, New York, Texas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

11730 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequences developed;
9 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
54% Open Rate;
22% Response Rate;
26% Conversions to Opportunities;
203 Hot Leads.