Captivate Content Case Study


Captivate Content is a freelance website content and copyright agency based in Toronto. The service is focused on copywriting and content marketing. It also creates video storytelling through a very smart kinetic text video, helping well established companies and startups gain visibility and leads.

Captivate Content wanted a new, scalable lead generation channel, in order to find new potential clients in the tech and marketing industry and expand their operation even further. During the initial campaign, we contacted over 1400 potential clients on behalf of Captivate Content and tested 2 email sequences that have helped us to heavily optimize the campaign, right from the first month.

Our initial Captivate Content campaign generated a total of 52 hot leads, from 1405 prospective clients reached.


"We were not only excited by the number of leads delivered on our initial campaign but also how they handled our entire campaign. offers one of the most professional B2B lead generation services and never fails to deliver on its promise."


Anna O'Byrne, Principal Consultant at Captivate Content

Client: Captivate Content

Seeking to target more prospects from Tech, Marketing, Advertising and Accounting industry.

1405 prospective clients reached;
2 email sequence campaigns developed;
2 A/B tests performed;

Campaign Results:
55% Open Rate;
25% Response Rate;
27% Conversions to Opportunities;
52 Hot Leads;