Cloud Coco Case Study


Cloud Coco is a cloud solutions provider that acts as a brokerage for different cloud computing, IT hardware and next-gen managed IT services. The company offers an entire ecosystem of partners ranging from Microsoft Azure to AWS, Symantec and Virgin Media. They essentially allow companies to outsource all of their cloud computing so that there’s one less thing for them to worry about.

Cloud Coco specifically asked for leads throughout the United Kingdom, and so we responded by developing a targeted campaign that used two email sequences to target different segments within the market. These emails were further enhanced by three A/B tests to make sure that they were as effective as possible.

The campaign was a success, reaching a total of 5,102 potential clients and generating a 34% open rate and a 54% response rate, resulting in 37 hot leads for the company and played an important role in helping the company to boost their presence in the highly important UK market.


"The UK market is a key strategic market for us, and is playing a vital role in helping us to expand our presence there. Who knows? If we keep on going, perhaps we can expand internationally, and if that’s the case then will be there to help us. Thanks again for all the help!"


Mark Halpin - CEO


Client: Cloud Coco

Cloud Coco asked to generate leads to enhance their presence on the UK market.

5102 prospective clients reached;
2 email sequences developed;
3 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
34% Open rate;
54% Response rate;
7% Conversions to Opportunities;
37 Hot Leads.