Collab Agency Case Study


Collab Agency is a strategy-led digital marketing and sales agency which specialises in bringing these two key disciplines together to help their clients to succeed in competitive marketplaces. Based in Melbourne, they have expertise in everything from marketing strategy and sales process design to content creation, web development, marketing automation and more.

With a clear goal in mind, Collab Agency asked us to help target potential customers throughout Australia. Even with their own in-house marketers, their sales team was converting leads so quickly that there were plenty of opportunities for them to work on even more. That’s where we came in with one of our tailored email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns.

On Collab Agency’s behalf, we were able to reach 5,573 potential clients with four email sequences, along with 13,128 impressions and 72 clicks from the retargeting campaign. With the initial campaign, we generated 55 leads, 41 from emails and 14 through LinkedIn.


"Well done, team! did a great job of bringing leads into our business. It’s a time-consuming task prospecting for clients of best-fit, so really tried to know our company and crafted campaign messages that matched our capability. This collaboration helped to ensure that we received continuous leads. They were available to talk and willing to take on-board feedback, more like a partner. Great stuff!"


Gordon Pont - Partner & Strategy Director


Client: Collab Agency

Collab Agency reached out to because they needed to bring new leads from Australia into their sales funnel.

5573 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequences developed;
8 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
30% Open rate;
42% Response rate;
8% Conversions to Opportunities;
55 Hot Leads.