DataWeave Case Study


DataWeave is an AI-powered competitive intelligence service that specialises in working with retailers and consumer brands. Using their tool, brands can aggregate and analyse huge amounts of data in real-time, using the ensuing data to optimise pricing, promotions and product assortment strategies.

When they approached, we pretty quickly realised that the product sells itself, as long as the right companies were reached and the benefits of the software were clearly communicated. We responded by developing a custom marketing campaign with a highly defined target audience and messaging that was specifically designed to communicate the advantages of using DataWeave.

The result was a highly successful marketing campaign that reached 9,832 potential clients with six email sequences and six A/B tests to tweak their performance. This resulted in a 48% response rate and generated 62 hot leads for the company.


"At DataWeave, we already know that we have a killer product. What was missing was an efficient marketing campaign to bring in the right leads, and that’s where came in. We were very impressed both by the number of leads and the quality of them. Good stuff!"


Bradley Keefer - Director of Sales


Client: DataWeave

DataWeave approached to ask for help generating leads and enhancing their presence across the United States and Canada.

9832 prospective clients reached;
6 email sequences developed;
6 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
30% Open rate;
48% Response rate;
43% Conversions to Opportunities;
62 Hot Leads.