Dream In Color Case Study


Dream In Color creates intuitive interfaces for human-focussed initiatives that are designed to bridge the gap between cutting edge technology and a natural-feeling user experience. They achieve this by focussing on user experience at every stage of the process, from initial brainstorming and wire framing to development and design.

When they approached Bant.io, they asked us for help reaching out to companies in the non-profit, higher education, healthcare and finance spaces, with a particular focus on their ability to develop creative websites and web applications. To achieve this, we worked closely with them to develop messaging and an outreach strategy that highlighted how they can help different types of businesses to reach their full potential.

The approach was a success, in part because we developed seven email sequences and carried out ten A/B tests. From a pool of 4,663 prospective clients, we generated 36 hot leads and received a further 10,329 impressions and 135 clicks from the retargeting campaign. Best of all, they were able to better help the non-profits and higher education institutions that can benefit the most from their cutting edge services.


"Thanks, Bant.io! The work that you carried out has brought real opportunities to our business. The leads that we received have already started to convert and we’re genuinely impressed by the process. It now means our sales team doesn’t need to spend time explaining what we do and our company as a whole can focus on what we do best: making a difference to our clients and to the lives of the people that they touch."


Amy Oughton - CEO


Client: Dream In Color

Dream In Color needed help promoting their web design and application development services in a range of industries.

4663 prospective clients reached;
7 email sequences developed;
10 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
19% Open rate;
46% Response rate;
9% Conversions to Opportunities;
36 Hot Leads.