Global Arena Case Study


Global Arena is one of the largest Language Solutions companies in the US and they reached out to us to increase their amount of leads for translation , interpreting, language training and intercultural training services. Global Arena empowers from Small Businesses to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, law firms, non-profit organizations and members of the healthcare industry with the skills to communicate, compete and succeed in different languages and foreign contexts.

Since our mission is to help clients reach out to as many ideal prospects as possible, Global Arena wanted us to develop a campaign so they could present their services to interested companies, focusing on multiple market segments, simultaneously.

Quality of the leads was very important for Global Arena, so we paid special attention to the ideal customer profile and market segments used for their campaign.

The communication with the customer was crucial during the setup of the campaign, as it allowed us to better understand the particularities of the industry and target the right prospects at the right time.


"When I contacted for their services, I knew my demands were not very easy to fulfil, but still I was very impressed with the professional approach their team showed during our campaigns. Now, is definitely my go-to solution for any lead generation campaign."


Carles Pont - Business Development Director at Global Arena

Client: Global Arena

Global Arena was looking to acquire more business customers

2463 prospective clients reached;
12 email sequence campaign developed;
7 A/B tests performed;

Campaign Results:
44% Open Rate;
34% Response Rate;
25% Conversions to Opportunities;
92 Hot Leads