GMS Case Study


Over the last 17 + years, GMS has focused on building an extensive support and IT management infrastructure. Through their Managed Services brand, (GMS Live Expert™), they serve as a seamless MSP Help Desk & NOC extension to any IT service business, providing 24/7 phone, chat and bi-directional PSA ticket support.

GMS was looking for a new, scalable lead generation channel, in order to find new potential clients and expand their operations even further, in US and Canada. Our team was excited to help GMS succeed in their quest, and within a few days their account was set up and campaign has started.

We initially reached out to 1602 ideal customers that fit GMS client profile, which we approached on behalf of their sales team. By directing our efforts towards the Managed Service Providers, we immediately generated over 40 qualified leads, which resulted in numerous conversations and meetings.


"Working with has been incredibly easy, we worked through the initial campaign setup and it has been delivering ever since. It is incredibly powerful to have a campaign of this nature continually deliver results, basically hands off by me. If only every campaign were this easy!"


Dan Goldstein - Marketing Director at GMS Live Expert

Client: GMS

Needed to supplement inbound and cold calling lead generation with a scalable, cost effective and highly targeted method;

8012 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequence campaign developed;
13 A/B tests performed;

Campaign Results:
52% Open Rate;
23% Response Rate;
22% Conversions to Opportunities;
64 Hot Leads;