Keptify Case Study


Keptify provides marketing enhancement and conversion rate optimization tools to online stores, to help them increase conversion rates by predicting and influencing visitors behaviour on site. They offer a suite of four advanced products: Cart Analyzer, Email Remarketing, On-site Remarketing and Marketing Automation.

By using a custom integration technology, e-commerce site owners can easily reap the benefits of Keptify's products and increase their sales from day one.

Our client wanted to reach more online retailers in order to grow its customer base. After we discussed the terms, we agreed to start a lead generation campaign based on their preferences and criteria settings.

The results were very much appreciated by Alina Karki, Keptify's Sales Manager, who later expanded the campaign to the rest of the sales team.


" team has delivered a fantastic service by providing quality hot leads that made our products more popular and added substantially more sales. I truly recommend services to anyone looking to expand their business."


Alina Karki - Sales Manager at Keptify

Client: Keptify

Keptify was looking for a scalable and affordable solution to increase sales.

9740 prospective clients reached;
5 email sequence campaigns developed;
14 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results:
60% Open Rate;
46% Response Rate;
25% Conversions to Opportunities;
672 Hot Leads;