Launch Circle Case Study


LaunchCircle is a successful software development company which helps entrepreneurs to build great digital products ranging from websites and mobile applications to emerging technologies like NLP-enabled chat-bots and AI tools. They do this using a managed marketplace of top engineers, designers and product managers from places like Google, Oracle and Rocket Internet.

LaunchCircle approached because they wanted to expand their presence in the German market. We worked closely with the company to understand their business model and to develop a successful strategy which focused on a range of industries including retail, automotive, food production and health.

The campaign was a success right from month one, generating 68 hot leads and leading to a number of productive conversations and profitable partnerships.


"We have high expectations when it comes to dedication and professionalism, but went above and beyond. We’re extremely happy with the quality of the services they provided us and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership in the future. With bringing in the leads, we can focus on servicing our clients and growing our infrastructure. It’s win/win for everyone."


Joel Burke - VP Business Development

Client: Launch Circle

LaunchCircle wanted to enhance its presence in the German market by offering high-quality software development services to its prospects.

2816 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequences developed;
7 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
43% Open rate;
62% Response rate;
9% Conversions to Opportunities;
68 Hot Leads.