MeasuredRisk Case Study


MeasuredRisk does exactly what it sounds like – it provides specialist risk management and security awareness training services and software. The company was created to solve one of the world’s most complex problems around asserting the implications of risk, in real time, for organisations that operate around the globe.

MeasuredRisk explained that they needed some help with lead generation so that they could better invest their time in other areas. We responded by developing a campaign targeting a range of different audiences with specific messaging, predominantly focusing on four key email sequences that were supported by ten A/B tests.

With this approach, we were able to reach 7,769 potential clients generating a 26% open rate, followed by a 34% response rate and 39 hot leads. This was accompanied by a retargeting campaign that generated a further 35,452 impressions and 219 clicks. All in all, it was a successful campaign that built leads and word of mouth around the brand.


"We weren’t too sure what to expect and we’ve known people who’ve had bad experiences with marketing agencies in the past, but were the ultimate professionals. They told us what they were going to do and why they were going to do it, and then they delivered on that promise."


Tom Albert - Founder & CEO


Client: MeasuredRisk

MeasuredRisk approached because they wanted some help outsourcing their lead generation process so that they could focus more on sales and less on marketing.

7769 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequences developed;
10 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
26% Open rate;
34% Response rate;
6% Conversions to Opportunities;
39 Hot Leads.