Oneclick Case Study


Oneclick application delivery platform offers 100% web-based, accelerated and secure streaming of existing desktops and applications to any end user device.

Their solution received multiple awards, including the IT Innovation Award in 2016. After getting significant traction in Germany and Switzerland, they decided to expand their operations and contacted our team for this.

The company wanted to engage with two very different segments in the IT sector, planning to start a campaign where we targeted IT Managers and System Integrators. We've performed 5 split tests right from the start, testing various company sizes but also measuring the campaign performance per each region.

During this initial campaign we've reached out to 2402 contacts in total, resulting in 38 Hot Leads which have now been added to their sales pipeline.


"We've employed other lead generation services before but none could deliver the results that we've seen with We already recommended them to three of our partners who we think they could benefit of the service."


Dominik Birgelen - CEO at Oneclick

Client: Oneclick

Lack of qualified sales opportunities in IT sector;

19216 prospective clients reached;
6 email sequence campaign developed;
16 A/B tests performed;

Campaign Results:
49% Open Rate;
19% Response Rate;
17% Conversions to Opportunities;
448 Hot Leads;