Orange Penguin Case Study


Orange Penguin is a specialist managed IT services provider for small-to-medium-sized enterprises in Dundee and beyond in the east of Scotland. The idea is that they act as both a consultancy and a tech-team for SMEs to outsource their computing needs, covering everything from cloud backup and data recovery to VoIP (voice over IP) technology.

The company knows technology inside out, but marketing is a little more of a challenge. That’s why they reached out to We responded by getting to understand the ins and outs of their company before developing a range of targeted messaging which aimed to simultaneously educate customers on what the company does and what the benefits are of working with them.

This approach was a big success, and our geographic targeting helped to ensure that we only gathered leads in the area that Orange Penguin services. This allowed us to reach 2,932 potential clients through three email sequences and six A/B tests, resulting in a 44% open rate and a total of 45 red hot leads.


"We were particularly impressed with the fact that despite not being native Scots, they were more than happy to dedicate the time that was needed to get to know our local area to make sure that all of our leads fall into the area we service. We’re very happy with the results that we received and we look forward to working more closely together moving forward!"


Ali Aljibouri - Senior IT Consultant


Client: Orange Penguin

Orange Penguin approached because they needed help increasing their customer-base in Scotland.

2932 prospective clients reached;
3 email sequences developed;
6 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
44% Open rate;
34% Response rate;
10% Conversions to Opportunities;
45 Hot Leads.