SEO Pro Specialist Case Study


SEO Pro Specialist provides custom marketing solutions based on their customers business goals, listening to their needs and building bespoke marketing plans in response to them. They pride themselves on the fact that they provide only what their clients need with nothing extra, with over ten years of experience in the industry.

As a company that prides itself both on the results it achieves and the way that it partners with its customers instead of simply providing a service, we found it easy to relate.

To obtain those leads, we developed a bespoke marketing campaign that reached over 2,000 potential customers with three email sequences and six A/B tests. It received an impressive 65% response rate and generated 30 red hot leads, also generating a further 1,959 impressions and additional conversions through the retargeting campaign.


"We’re very happy with the results we received thanks to We were impressed with their professionalism, and with them providing us the leads, converting them into customers will be easy. We've always been set on growth and helped us strengthen this goal."


David Brooks - CEO


Client: SEO Pro Specialist

SEO Pro Specialist approached to ask for help with their lead generation efforts so they could focus on the conversion process.

2009 prospective clients reached;
3 email sequences developed;
6 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
26% Open rate;
65% Response rate;
9% Conversions to Opportunities;
30 Hot Leads.