StaffCircle Case Study


StaffCircle provides an employee engagement app and a digital communication platform. They approached to ask for help reaching prospective clients in the UK and Ireland. As a company that specialises in communication, they’re well aware of how important it is for marketing materials to deliver just the right message.

That’s why we were able to work closely together to segment the target audience and to develop messaging that was tailored to each of them. Their communication and automation platform practically sells itself, which is why we received a 50% response rate from our marketing messages.

Their first campaign was a success, with the four email sequences and eight A/B tests helping to generate 65 hot leads from a pool of nearly 4,500 prospective clients. The campaign effectively paid for itself and led to a large number of valuable conversations that will continue to pay off in the months and years to come.


"Great job,! We’ve been looking for an effective lead generation solution for a while now and it looks like we’ve finally found the perfect fit. We’re looking forward to continuing to expand our presence in the UK and Ireland and expect to play an important role in our strategy. Bring it on!"


Mark Seeman - Founder & CEO

Client: StaffCircle

StaffCircle contacted to ask for help reaching out to prospects in the UK and Ireland market.

6283 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequences developed;
8 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
24% Open rate;
48% Response rate;
12% Conversions to Opportunities;
90 Hot Leads.