STORCH Capital Case Study


STORCH Capital is a privately owned investment company that specialises in managing investments for high network individuals from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They do this by focussing on real estate and gas investments and bringing private offers directly to investors.

STORCH Capital had a clear goal in mind, increasing their customer base. The brief was a little different to others in that there was no defined regional area because STORCH Capital offers a global service and can cater to anyone, anywhere. Instead, we focussed solely on attracting the right kinds of customers, a unique spin that had an effect on our messaging and which definitely delivered.

The campaign was a success, generating 132 hot leads from a pool of around 4,000 potential clients. The two email sequences were supported by eight A/B tests, along with a retargeting campaign that generated a further 26,685 impressions, 170 clicks, and 2 conversions in less than a month.


" truly exceeded our expectations and did a phenomenal job when it comes to lead generation. Before, we had the problem of where we’d find the leads we needed to grow our business. Now we have the problem of how we’re going to service all of these leads once we’ve converted them. It’s a nice problem to have!"


Daniel Storchmann - Managing Director


Client: STORCH Capital

STORCH Capital asked for help attracting more qualified prospects through’s email and LinkedIn campaigns.

4090 prospective clients reached;
2 email sequences developed;
8 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
38% Open rate;
21% Response rate;
56% Conversions to Opportunities;
132 Hot Leads.