Vanquish Case Study


Vanquish GmbH serves as a bridge between manufacturer and reseller. It is headquartered in Oldenburg and provides services to over 2500+ IT dealers across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It offers server based computing, virtualization and managed services. With its in-depth knowledge and experience, Vanquish offers manufacturers marketing solutions for consultancy-intensive products.

Vanquish hired seeking more potential clients. They initially opted for our Startup plan for an MSP and partnership campaign. They were very satisfied with the results of the first campaign and wanted us to get started on a brand new campaign for the Parallels RAS solution, on the Medium Plan. The new campaign was even more successful than the previous one.

These two campaigns for Vanquish have generated a total of 119 hot leads, from 3777 prospective clients reached, making it a very successful project. The retargeting campaign has also generated over 60,038 impressions and 43 clicks, leading to over 9 conversions.


" has opened new strong opportunities for Vanquish by generating a huge number of hot leads that we could never do on our own. Their campaigns have certainly brought great value and profitability to our organization and we definitely recommend them."


Henning Jasper, CEO at Vanquish

Client: Vanquish

Looking to target German midsize IT resellers, system integrators and IT providers.

3777 prospects clients reached;
3 email sequences developped;
3 A/B Testing;

Campaign Results:
51% Open Rate;
23% Response Rate;
26% Conversions to Opportunities;
119 Hot Leads;