Velocity MENA Case Study


Velocity MENA is a sales outsourcing company that works with clients across a wide range of different sectors and industries. Based in Dubai, the startup is backed by over 20 years of sales experience across the Middle East. They pride themselves on the quality of their staff and the fact that they have a multicultural office with both local and international knowledge. They promise to provide “the sales team you want representing your company”.

When they reached out to to ask for help generating leads throughout the United Arab Emirates, we knew that the key to success would be to communicate the approachability and the expertise of Velocity MENA’s team. At the same time, we also needed to show the tangible benefits that Velocity MENA can bring to a customer’s business.

It was a difficult balance to achieve, but the results speak for themselves. We reached over 3,000 prospective clients with two email sequences and four A/B tests, generating a 40% open rate and a 32% response rate. As well as generating 63 hot leads for the company, we also generated nearly 50,000 further impressions through a retargeting campaign.


"We had high expectations going into this, but far exceeded them and now we almost have more leads than we can follow up with. It’s a good place to be!"


Feraz Hussain - Managing Director


Client: Velocity MENA

Velocity MENA approached while looking to expand their presence in the United Arab Emirates.

3038 prospective clients reached;
2 email sequences developed;
4 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
40% Open rate;
32% Response rate;
16% Conversions to Opportunities;
63 Hot Leads.