What About Wiki Case Study


What About Wiki is a company that is improving the reputation and credibility of startups, by helping them set up their own Wikipedia page. Their service is now being used by hundreds of businesses worldwide, as Wikipedia remains a powerful online platform for enhancing the company brand.

When the WAW team approached us, they were very specific in their requirements. These were notable businesses and startups, with a decent presence in the press but who did not have an existing Wikipedia page. Within days after they signed up with bant.io, their campaign has started and they've already received their first leads.

The initial campaign was a success, as it resulted in 56 Hot Leads and numerous opportunities that have immediately filled their sales pipeline.

What About Wiki Statistics

"The team at bant.io has really made our lead generation and sales process a lot easier. By using their platform, we managed to reduce our outbound marketing costs by almost 60%. Everything about bant.io is very professional and I highly recommend their service."


Brendan Gibson - Founder at What About Wiki

Client: What About Wiki

Looking to generate more leads and expand sales in the SMB space;

4710 prospective clients reached;
5 email sequence campaigns developed;
9 A/B tests performed;

Campaign Results:
46% Open Rate;
32% Response Rate;
51% Conversions to Opportunities;
323 Hot Leads;