WIN Sales & Marketing Programs Case Study


WIN Sales & Marketing Programs specializes in providing sales effectiveness solutions. With over 17 years of experience in corporate sales performance, they work across the globe to help companies of all shapes and sizes to boost their overall performance and to increase their sales. They also offer tailor-made training, coaching and workshops to help sales staff at an individual level.

When WIN approached us, they asked for help approaching prospects in the United Arab Emirates as part of their strategy to expand their offering and grow their company. Once we understood their offering, their heritage and their industry, we developed a cusomized campaign that targeted multiple regions with a set of different messages.

Thanks to our strategic creative and our personalized approach to lead generation, during the pilot project we have managed to successfully generate 78 hot leads for WIN Sales & Marketing Programs from a pool of over 6,000 potential clients. We were also able to create a further 44,850 impressions on their website, through a remarketing campaign.


" made lead generation look easy! We’re very happy with the results that we’ve seen and we’ve already started to see a return on investment. The UAE is an important market for us as part of our overall growth plans, and is a vital part of our strategy. If these initial results are anything to go by, we’ve got nothing to worry about."


Nada Bifani - CEO


Client: WIN Sales & Marketing Programs

WIN Sales & Marketing Programs asked for help expanding their presence in the UAE.

6121 prospective clients reached;
4 email sequences developed;
6 A/B tests performed.

Campaign Results:
32% Open rate;
27% Response rate;
15% Conversions to Opportunities;
78 Hot Leads.