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The world’s first self-sustaining CRM

Imagine a CRM that never runs out of leads. Now imagine those leads appearing, all without ever lifting a finger.

Our fully done-for-you solution runs your outreach and ad campaigns, opens conversations with your ideal customers, drives traffic to your website and tracks and measures results - not just for one user, but your entire sales staff! All. In. One. Place.

We’re revolutionizing the way businesses do sales and marketing. Are you ready to transform your business?

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Vanish Friction at Every Step

You need to focus on one thing: Closing Deals. Yet, between endless admin work, analysis, reporting and research, there is a sea of obstacles in your way. Our suite of sales tools work together in a perfect orchestra to eliminate manual processes, automate administrative tasks, and open relevant conversations.

What does this mean? Never again spend countless hours trying to generate leads for your business...or stress about whether your methods are effective...or toggle from one platform to the next to manage and measures all your different campaigns. Power that comes from simplicity.

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Synchronized Lead Generation

Right now, you are spending a lot of time and money managing your various inbound and outbound lead gen campaigns...and spending even more time trying to determine the ROI. With bant.io, everything you need is one place and works together in a synchronized fashion to reduce time, costs and give you better analysis on the ROI. Think of each our modules as your own personal expert, tirelessly working end-to-end, day and night, to generate sales leads for your business.

Never Lift a Finger

You complete the onboarding. We do the rest. From campaign creation and generating the leads to tracking sales and measuring results across all marketing channels - We. Do. It. All.

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Seamless and Superhuman Integration

Although the bant.io CRM satisfies all your sales needs, we know that a lot of companies will still rely on other platforms for their sales and marketing efforts. That’s why we built a two-way integration that empowers you to leverage the best features of all your tools, giving you one powerful solution that almost makes you, well, Superhuman!

Top-Rated Lead Generation Solution

Join thousands of customers in over 120 countries growing their businesses with bant.io.

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