How it works

From startups to established companies, our mission is to help you grow



  • Onboarding Process

    After you sign up, you'll get access to your onboarding form, where we'll ask you for important details regarding your potential customers. Information like company size, geographic area, industries or verticals.

  • Your customer profile

    Based on the information that you'll provide during your onboarding process and also based on our research, we'll put together your ideal customer profile.

  • Hidden Commonalities

    We'll also investigate what your top clients have in common so we can know where to look for more like them. We'll discover what social network are they likely to be on, what linkedin groups are they part of and even if your ideal customers are more likely to use a certain software.



  • Contact information

    At the prospecting stage, we identify hard-to-find company information and key decision makers that match your ideal customer profile, together with their email, LinkedIn profile, and any other available contact information.

  • Channels that we use

    During our data research process, we use a mix of channels like phone, email, social media, search engines but also our own data platform that is updated daily.

  • Data analysis and research

    Using a combination of data researchers and machine learning algorithms, we always rely on the highest quality contact and account data for each campaign.


Campaign design

  • Initial outreach campaign

    Now that we understand your ideal customer we will create the initial outreach strategy along with the follow-up messages on both email and LinkedIn.

  • The follow up strategy

    Any follow up message will be stopped if the prospect replies, both on email and LinkedIn. Also, all auto-reply email messages are detected and flagged in the system accordingly.

  • Retargeting campaign

    We're also setting up your Retargeting Campaign, which ensures that we place your brand in front of any bounced traffic from your website. Leveraging an IP & cookie based targeting, the ads are inteligently displayed to the visitors that did not convert.


Monitoring and optimization

  • Fresh prospects, daily

    Once your drip campaign has started, we continue to feed your account with fresh contacts every day, 5 days a week. We also monitor your account daily, to ensure that your campaign runs at optimal parameters.

  • Algorithmic attribution

    To ensure the success of each campaign, our platform uses a unique combination of algorithmic attribution models, which are integrated with the A/B tests that we run on all campaigns.

  • Analytics dashboard

    You'll also get access to your account, which is an intelligent cloud based analytics dashboard, from where you can monitor the campaign progress, in real time.


Get hot leads and lead sheet

  • Your first Hot leads

    Within days after you sign up, you will start receiving your first hot leads, directly into your inbox and dashboard. These are replies to the drip campaign, from people interested in your business and many of them expecting your call.

  • Accessing the leadsheet

    At the end of each billing cycle, you'll be able to download a detailed spreadsheet containing all the leads that we were able to track down for you in that month.

  • Increase conversions

    Later on you can increase your conversions by taking the lead sheet and then following up with phone calls and direct mail pieces or even add them on LinkedIn, to stay in front of your prospects.