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Billed monthly Billed quarterly

$895 /month
700 quality leads per month
5 to 8 hot leads (Minimum)
Campaign design and setup
2 follow up messages
A/B testing (limited)
Lead sheet (no emails)
Retargeting Ads (not available)
Analytics dashboard
$1,195 /month
1200 quality leads per month
10 to 15 hot leads (Minimum)
Campaign design and setup
3 follow up messages
A/B testing emails
Lead sheet (with emails)
Retargeting Ads (web)
Analytics dashboard
$1,495 /month
2,000 quality leads per month
20 to 30 hot leads (Minimum)
Campaign design and setup
4 follow up messages
A/B testing emails
Lead sheet (with emails)
Retargeting Ads (web & FB)
Analytics dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Hot leads are the leads that we contact and who respond with interest. The amount varies depending on your service, price, offer, and your target market but you will never receive less than the number that we guarantee on our plans.

The quality leads are all the ideal companies that we're reaching out to, on your behalf. This list is very valuable, as all quality leads will match your ideal customer profile.

Yes, you can. However all leads get emailed using one primary contact. If you would like each rep to be sent leads directly, then you will need to create an account for each rep. Otherwise, feel free to have them go to one main contact who can then disperse the leads.

No, this is a month-to-month service. There are no setup or termination fees. We make it easy for you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. Although, you do have the option to sign up for our quarterly plan, which will save you between 10-20%.

No, we will create a separate email address for you using a mirror domain that we purchase on your behalf, so that we can process the leads acordingly in our system.

We always aim that our hot leads have a real interest in your solution, have the ability to spend within a reasonable timeframe, and that you always get access to the right contact. However we can not guarantee that all leads will meet 100% BANT criteria.

We never advise for overly descriptive language, as the prospects will usually reject the approach. We always remove any descriptive adverbs and adjectives as one-to-one personal communication is never polished but punchy, rough and functional. It should never read like a statement or sales letter developed by brand marketing teams.

You will receive the Hot Leads directly into your inbox. Through a special setup, you'll be able to continue the conversation with the prospect simply by hitting the reply button inside your email client. Also, is invisible to the prospect at all stages.

A lead sheet is a spreadsheet containing all quality leads, with full contact details. On the Medium and Established plan it includes the email addresses as well. You get the spreadsheet containing all quality leads, at the end of your billing cycle. Later on you can increase your conversions by taking the lead sheet and then following up with phone calls and direct mail pieces or even add them on LinkedIn, to stay in front of your prospects.

Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online advertising, where we target the visitors who abandoned your website without converting. In essence, this complementary method will help you capture the attention of the companies who visit but then abandon your website.

Our service is suitable for almost any b2b business but to be sure though, get in touch and we’ll tell you whether or not we’ll be able to assist you with your lead generation efforts.

On all our plans you will get access to a dashboard from which you'll be able to monitor the campaign performance, in real time. You also have the option to get notified by text messages for every Hot Lead that is generated on your campaign.

We are currently running campaigns in over 30 languages and territories. While we have no limitation on language, we do ask that you can support the sales process on your end, in any language you are prospecting in.