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  • CLIENT:2Rise Naturals
  • INDUSTRY:Health, Wellness & Fitness

"We’re particularly pleased that bant.io was able to help us to increase our customer base in some of our key strategic areas. Just bringing in leads is impressive enough, but bringing in these targeted leads can help us to act more strategically and ultimately to grow our business."

Marco Pepino
Marco Pepino

Managing Director

Customer story

2Rise Naturals specialises in providing organically sourced, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products throughout the United States, to pharmacies and dispensaries. When they approached bant.io, they wanted to increase their customer base by targeting key strategic areas in the United States.

We responded to their brief by creating a highly targeted and focused campaign. This also included educating people on the benefits of CBD products and ensuring that those who received messages were those with the most to gain from using CBD.

The initial result was a successful campaign that reached over 1,000 potential clients and generated 57 hot leads. By deploying multiple email sequences and running tests along the way, we were also able to continue to heavily improve the results of the campaign while it was still running.


2Rise Naturals wanted to expand their customer base by targeting multiple areas in the United States including Greater Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego.


  • 1103 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 4 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 48% Open Rate
  • 52% Response Rate
  • 21% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 57 Hot Leads