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Scale your SaaS with proven strategies

Top-performing SaaS companies rely on the data - not “gut feelings". Taking a scientific approach to growth, rather than relying on chance, SaaS companies choose to work with bant.io for our expertise in marketing, in conjunction with our powerful reporting and analytics platform.

Reduce your churn rate by focusing on the right prospects and break the ultra-high CPA costs typical of SaaS & Technology companies with data-driven testing.

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Grow your SaaS & technology company - at scale!

When it comes to marketing for SaaS companies, staying on top of trends is crucial. Not only are your buyers tech-savvy, but the market landscape is constantly changing.

Our omni-channel solution is designed to ensure you are leveraging the most effective channels in the most effective way. With years of experience in B2B and SaaS, we know how to turn fragmented tactics into a comprehensive strategy that can quickly drive product sales.


Through hundreds of A/B tests, we understand the market and develop a well-defined, systematic outreach strategy for capturing and qualifying leads, enabling you to grow faster.

As a solution, our deep expertise in this space makes bant.io the perfect partner for SaaS and software companies.

Work with bant.io to build a market expansion strategy, run growth programs, and increase your market share.

Hack your sales growth with intelligence, not effort.

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Top-Rated Lead Generation Company

Time is money. Let us save you both by giving you access to the scientific method to acquire B2B customers, and empower you to work more efficiently with more partners and across more channels than ever before.

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Lead Generation Done-For-You

Simply choose the modules that you wish to add to your quarterly or annual plan. When all modules are selected, we offer a guarantee of 15-30 leads and conversions per quarter!


All with an easy, done-for-you process

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Onboarding & Strategy

We work closely with your team to understand your business, objectives, and target audience. We do this in an efficient way that minimizes your time investment, while capturing all the necessary information to make your campaign successful.

How to start lead generation campaign

Launch & Optimize

Once the strategy is designed and approved, we will launch your campaigns. Your dedicated Campaign Manager will review your campaign twice a week, looking for early success indicators or opportunities for improvement and liaise with the rest of your bant team to apply optimization strategies, where needed.

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Assess & Grow

At the end of the quarter, we will do a comprehensive analysis and review of your campaigns and results. During this review, we will provide unbias suggestions on what tactics are most effective, which we may want to reconsider, and other tactics within our Republix family of companies that will escalate your growth.