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Our Roots

bant.io was founded in 2015 to help businesses succeed by using sales accelerator techniques and data-backed methodology. Since then, we have helped thousands of companies grow their businesses with strategies and tactics that help sales teams work 10x more efficiently.

In December 2021, bant.io was acquired by Republix, a Canadian-based marketing company on a mission find best-in-class marketing companies and bring them together under one roof.

Today, bant.io continues to offer the single-channel customer acquisition solutions that made it a success, while now being able to offer custom digital marketing solutions that empower us to propel our clients to the next level.

About bant.io
About bant.io

About bant.io

As a result of our approach and out of a genuine desire to keep our services available to help businesses of all sizes succeed, bant.io has built a customer culture based on integrity, transparency, and results in all we do. Since our inception, we have also maintained a management fee-free pricing structure, unlike a traditional lead generation marketing agency, and have supported businesses globally through charitable work.

What we offer is a tried and tested B2B sales lead generation and marketing solution that delivers consistent and reliable results for businesses.

What drives us

Our company was founded on a genuine desire to help businesses succeed. To make this happen, we sourced the best minds we could find who shared in this desire. Our company expanded from two physical locations to a distributed team model spread across 9 countries. When we say that each and every one of our team members dream about ways we can offer a better customer experience and deliver proven and demonstrable results to our campaigns, we mean it. The motivation to see our customers happy, and succeed, drives us to do better every single day.

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B2B Sales Company

Our culture

As a distributed company, it is important that our team members share the same values that our company was founded on. These values serve as our north star and are ingrained in everything we do.

Our values:
  • Build trust through actions
  • Deliver more value than you receive
  • Do the right thing
  • Have integrity
  • Improve, always
  • Never be afraid to fail
  • Stay curious
  • Strive for simplicity
  • Understand other perspectives
  • Value transparency

Meet our team

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