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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you consider a lead or conversion?
A lead is a prospect that fits your targeting profile who responds to our outreach with a positive reply. The goal of our email or LinkedIn outreach is to open a conversation that you can then take forward. A conversion is when a target from an ad campaign completes the desired action on your website.
An email credit is a unique email ID. Our standard Email Outreach module comes with 3000 email credits per billing month. Every month, we reach out to your 3000 unique contacts and this will replenish upon your next billing period. You are also able to purchase additional credits per month. These are not necessarily all utilized within your billing period since they can be purchased any time throughout the month.
Our team will source candidates based on these five criteria: Industry, Company Size, Location, Job Title, and Department. Campaigns with the broadest criteria will, on average, have the best results. The more flexibility we have to AB test, the more quickly we can optimize the campaign results. If you have more specific targeting needs, please schedule a demo with our Sales team to ensure that we are able to support your campaign.
Pay-Per-Click is an ad campaign where advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their ad in Google search. Each campaign will be targeted towards your ideal customer profile. We use various strategies, like broad match search, to generate quality leads to your website. When a web lead completes the desired action on your website (usually a click to your “Contact Us” or “Request Demo” page), that is considered a “Conversion”. Ad budget is fully included with our managed PPC module.
Retargeting Ads are cookie-based ads that display to your web visitors who abandoned your website without converting. Once any web visitor bounces from your site, they will start seeing your graphic ads as they browse all major websites and blogs. If they click on the ad to go back to your site, that is considered a “Click”. If they convert when they are on your site i.e. complete the desired action, that is considered a “Conversion”.
We have amassed data across tens of thousands of campaigns, empowering us to generate results based on your company profile and targeting criteria quickly and effectively. We utilize the first month to AB test our hypothesis based on that data and your unique requirements and optimize further, month over month, from there. Some campaigns see results very quickly and others may require 3-4 weeks to start seeing traction. On average, we expect 10-15 intelligent leads and conversions per month.
Customers who select our full offering of modules will be guaranteed 15-30 leads and conversions per quarter.
Yes! You will have a dedicated Client Success Manager and Campaign Management Team who will oversee your account from start to finish.
Yes! We understand that business needs change and are flexible when it comes to making adjustments to your campaigns. That said, we do want to limit these, where possible, to ensure that we are able to do proper testing and analysis.
Yes, bant.io has the data from thousands of campaigns to help guide you to the most successful markets. We also continuously AB test to ensure that the campaign is staying optimized and never stagnates.
Our subscriptions are quarterly or annually. There are no contracts outside of the subscription term you choose!
Yes, bant.io offers a fully customizable solution for agencies or enterprises looking to provide a branded experience for their users. Check out our Partners Page.
No, agency users only have visibility into the general Dashboard, Refine Criteria, Settings and the Module-Specific Dashboard.