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  • CLIENT:Airsynergy
  • INDUSTRY:Renewables & Environment

"Good stuff, bant.io! We’ve been looking for a reliable source of leads for a while now, and it looks like we’ve finally found it, especially if these early results are anything to go by. Let’s keep changing the world together!"

Daphne Duncan
Daphne Duncan

Commercial Manager

Customer story

Since 2008, Airsynergy has been establishing itself as one of the world’s most innovative clean technology companies. They invent, patent, engineer and commercialise vital new clean technologies within the renewable energy industry. The goal is to bring true energy independence to places where it was never thought possible.

When they approached us, they told us that they wanted to target European countries in key target markets such as France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. They also wanted to target companies in the United States of America as a secondary audience.

We responded by developing a custom email marketing campaign that targeted different regions with different messaging but which all served the goal of promoting Airsynergy’s technology and making the world a better place. The campaign reached 1,675 potential clients with four email sequences, generating 50 hot leads for the company.


Airsynergy asked bant.io for help generating leads and boosting their presence throughout Europe.


  • 1675 prospective clients reached
  • 4 email sequences developed
  • 5 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 43% Open Rate
  • 55% Response Rate
  • 13% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 50 Hot Leads