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  • CLIENT:Axway
  • INDUSTRY:Computer Software

"I’m impressed by the quantity and above all the quality of the leads generated by bant.io. The lead generation process of bant.io is very innovative and efficient, mixing multiple marketing channels. The leads are flowing in and we were able to secure several interesting meetings. We can say that the ROI of the campaign is great."

Michele Montonati
Michele Montonati

Account Executive

Customer story

Axway is built around its hybrid integration platform, AMPLIFY™, which is designed to help businesses to accelerate their digital transformation programs and to create captivating experiences for their customers. Supporting 11,000 organizations worldwide, Axway’s hybrid integration tool includes over 150 connectors to bring together people, systems, partners and ecosystems.

Because we knew that Axway wanted to focus specifically on Italy, we created a campaign that was aimed at Italian enterprises. By developing a strong relationship with the client, we were able to collaborate on the messaging to make sure that we reached the right audience and that we achieved the best results possible.

With the initial campaign, we were able to reach a pool of 4,849 potential clients with two email sequences and three A/B tests. This led to 60 hot leads that played an important role to form the backbone of Axway’s new business development for the months to come. And at the same time, we also developed a solid working relationship that will help us to continue to work together.


Axway was looking to outsource and streamline their lead generation process so that they could better focus on sales.


  • 4849 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 3 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 41% Open Rate
  • 65% Response Rate
  • 4% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 60 Hot Leads