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  • CLIENT:Building Gurus
  • INDUSTRY:Building Materials

"We’re pleased with the results of the campaign and we’re pleased we chose to work with bant.io. The results of the campaign have been highly encouraging and we’ve already started to see some of the leads converting into opportunities."

Rikka Brandon
Rikka Brandon

Recruiting & Hiring Consultant

Customer story

Building Gurus reached out to bant.io because they wanted some help expanding their business in the United States. As a construction recruitment company with a difference, they act as an executive search firm that works exclusively with manufacturers and distributors across the US to source top talent for sales, leadership and executive roles.

Getting marketing right is all about relevance, and the same is true for Building Gurus and their executive recruitment. That helped our two companies to understand each other from the very beginning, allowing us to focus on refining our messaging and develop six email sequences that we delivered to a total of 4,579 potential clients.

These emails were enhanced by seven A/B tests and generated a 28% open rate and a 31% response rate, as well as an 11% conversions to opportunities rate. This resulted in 42 hot leads for Building Gurus to follow up with and laid the foundations for further collaboration in the future.


Building Gurus wanted to enhance their presence in the United States by generating more leads for their building materials recruitment business.


  • 4579 prospective clients reached
  • 6 email sequences developed
  • 7 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 28% Open Rate
  • 31% Response Rate
  • 11% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 42 Hot Leads