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  • CLIENT:Chambers Pivot
  • INDUSTRY:Management Consulting

"I’m very happy with the work that was carried out so far. We are going to work on the 27 hot leads delivered, doing our best to convert as many as possible. Great job, bant.io!"

Greg Chambers
Greg Chambers


Customer story

Chambers Pivot Industries is a management consultancy firm headed by serial entrepreneur Greg Chambers. Based in Omaha, the company specialises in helping business owners to increase sales by designing sales practices that employees can get on board with. The consultancy was founded back in 2012 and has worked with customers in nine different industries, including ecommerce, finance and healthcare.

When Chambers Pivot approached bant.io, they had a clear goal in mind: they wanted to generate leads from across the United States and Canada. Chambers Pivot specialises in helping clients to turn leads into sales, which meant we were a match made in heaven. We worked closely with Greg to develop messaging and marketing materials that worked together to communicate his offering as clearly as possible.

The campaign was a big success, generating 26 red hot leads from a pool of over 2,650 potential clients. The campaign was augmented with two email sequences and three A/B tests, ultimately receiving a 30% open rate and a 35% response rate. It also had a serious positive impact on the company’s bottom line.


Chambers Pivot asked bant.io to aid with their expansion across the United States and Canada.


  • 2651 prospective clients reached
  • 2 email sequences developed
  • 3 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 30% Open Rate
  • 35% Response Rate
  • 9% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 26 Hot Leads