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  • CLIENT:CodeToArt
  • INDUSTRY:Information Technology & Services

"I approached bant.io because I wanted to increase our international presence, and while bant.io told me they’d get results, they over-delivered on that promise. The leads that they generated will be instrumental in helping us to expand our offering across the globe, and I look forward to continuing to work with such a fantastic team."

Mahavir Jain
Mahavir Jain


Customer story

CodeToArt is a mobile app development company with three years of experience creating art out of technology. They’re not just building apps from templates – they provide full-cycle development services, from design and prototyping to development, testing, deployment and publishing.

The company reached out to bant.io with a clear goal of expanding their app and web development offering, which covers all industries with an international reach. To help them to achieve this goal, bant.io started connecting them with various prospects from relevant industries and verticals.

With the strategy in place, the email campaign was deployed and quickly generated 67 hot leads and 40 conversations from almost 2906 prospects. In the first 60 days only, the retargeting campaign has also generated a number of 42 conversions following 82 clicks and 58,385 impressions. A great result for all parties.


CodeToArt wanted to attract more prospects from the United States, Europe and Canada, to expand their international web and app development offering.


  • 2906 prospective clients reached
  • 1 email sequences developed
  • 2 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 57% Open Rate
  • 40% Response Rate
  • 26% Conversions to Opportunities
  • 67 Hot Leads